The Temple Scene

What do skippers do when you go into the dark ruins? The crew loses focus with that spotlight that you point at things must be doing something considered illegal or at least something to be frowned upon, right?

Technically the skippers are supposted to remain silent through this part because I think they would like us to take a little break while in there? I'm not sure what the exact reason behind this rule, but I do know they have someone hiding in the temple sometimes and check to see if anyone spiels in there and then meets up with them when they come back to the dock telling them what they did was a "no no" and shouldn't be done again. So yeah, most skippers you might have are doing something considered illegal when they get in there. There are some that like to start singing "It's a small world" really slowly and creepily, some that like to sing something from Willy Wonka, and others that like to continue on with more jokes such as a couple celebrity sightings such as Tiger Woods, and The Golden Girls, staring a beheaded Bea Aurther (sp). I've done a couple of the above, even sang Small World a second time, "underwater" which always gets big laughs.
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