Pygmy visits the Castle of Chaos!

Greetings from Branson, MO, the hotspot for tacky shows and attractions for tacky tourists, including myself. I decided to head out here to see what all the hub-bub was about, and through the midst of all these shows all over the place, I stumble upon this entertainment complex that features a castle and King Kong on the top of a tall building. Besides driving by half of a sunken ship, this thing was the coolest thing we drove by while on the way to our hotel.

 If you don't know what the Castle of Chaos is, check out their very own website. Here's what's featured on their site that drew me in to want to check it out even more:

Castle of Chaos is the first-ever 5D interactive haunted experience in the world. No kidding! This action-packed adventure merges a state-of-the-art 3D horror film with heart-pounding motion, special effects, animatronics and an all-out shooting battle against evil. Top five participants from each round are shown on the screen with their scores.

According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, "This is the first haunted ride in the world to combine so many multi-media elements and technologies in one attraction. The result is a first-class scare!"

IAAPA approved usually means Pygmy approved, so now this is a must do! So we get back in the car and drive back here and get our tickets and wait in line for the next ride experience. As we're waiting in line, they have a monitor showing you late breaking news about the Castle and how it's haunted etc etc, the preshow if you will. Anyways, it was hard to hear it since it was turned down, and the fact that the walls were pretty thin between the ride and the line that we heard the ride more than anything! This was annoying for a little bit, but really pumped me up for it because soon we'll be going in for a spin, and if it's that loud it must be good, right? Loud is good? Well, not necessarily. Miley Cyrus sings loud, doesn't mean she's good, and the same can be said about Castle of Chaos unfortunately.

We enter the show room and see this platform of 25 chairs on a turntable and we strap in, put on our glasses, grab our guns, and we're ready to go! It starts to spin, and stops in front of a screen with lackluster 3D effects. Ok, maybe it'll get better and scarier. Nope. We spin around and land on another screen, and we start shooting things. Ok, what are we shooting at now? There's 2 monsters and the screen and that's it. So we sit here for about a minute shooting at 2 monsters that barely react to your shots? I guess that's acceptable if their zombies and already dead, right? I hope so. We spin around several more times landing on other screens. What I thought was funny was how we'd spin around and land on the same screen once, or to the screen directly next to where we just left. The attraction has other special effects such as leg ticklers, air bursts, Stitch's chili breath, fog, and did I mention it spins? It was a fun but really a big let down. I usually don't have high expectations for things because I hate being disappointed, but with all the ads about this place, who wouldn't have high expectations? What really killed the ride experience for me was the way they executed the storyline in the attraction itself. It did have a nice storyline that did seem promising, but during the ride it went sour. This just goes to show you that if your story doesn't work, no matter how many groundbreaking special effects, it'll turn out to seem like a waste of money like this place was. I'm glad I've gone through it and experienced it and had fun, but this is one of those attractions where once is more than enough.

Sketches with passing other boats?

Are there any sketches you do with other skippers on boats passsing?

The only place were boats 'pass' by is by Schwietzer Falls, and no, we don't have any sketches we do as we pass, because even though you can see the other boat, we're technically in two different show scenes and two different parts of the spiel and they both don't have time for "Hey, look at the weirdo in khaki in that boat over there, feel sorry for the people on that boat." However, there are some things several skippers do with other boats during backups by Chief Namee, such as getting your boat to say "Hi other boat" on the count of three, 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! "HI OTHER BOAT!" and then 7 seconds later, have the other boat reply back with some witty comment, and it could go on back and forth for hours. There has been one time we've done 'the wave' like you would do at a sports stadium, starting from the front of the first boat in the backup and going as far down as possible, hopefully onward to the next boat, and so on.

Keep those questions coming, comment below if you'd like your question answered here in my blog!

Have I always been in B mode?

One thing I love about the jungle of interwebs, is there's a lot of entertaining things out there, and I just so happened to find this one incredibly large furry guy that lives atop a really big mountain that also shares my love of disco.

So after reading the sad story of this gentle giant and all he wanted to do was eat unsuspecting tourists (another similarity!), he pulled his back out and is frozen in time and blinded by a strobe light. How sad. I haven't been flashed like that before, and it's only a matter of time they add strobe lights and other sound effects to make me look even scarier. Would anyone know was I supposed to have thrown my spears at the boats, or act like I was about to throw it by moving my arms? As far as I know, I've been standing here going "ooga booga boo". My question to you, whoever still reads these crazy blog postings of mine, have I always been in B mode all this time? Also, what other things have you've noticed that are also stuck in B mode, like my new found friend, the yeti? Please for the love of monkey buddha comment below! That is all.

Jungle Cruse, update or scrap?

Do you think the majority of your passengers love the JC or view it as a relic that needs to be updated or gone?

It feels like people come on here because 'they have to, they've always done a cruise in the jungle every visit and need to do it while they're here now' and then afterwards come off wondering 'why did we even bother with it?' Or if they had a great skip "That's why we keep coming back, he/she was great!" I do think it needs to be updated, because the ride by itself without our corny jokes, the ride is just as boring as sitting on 'small world,' honestly. I've had a couple trips around where it was just me just to keep the boats cycling, so I'd sit and run the boat, and even though I get a little break from spieling, it does it a bit boring going through there and I'd think "we'd be doomed if they got rid of us and automated the boats" and gives me more reason to step up my spiel to try to bring some life into what looks like a dying attraction.

Have a question about me, the Jungle, my opinions on anything you have in mind (within reason) feel free to ask me and it just might end up getting answered here in my nearly dead blog, lucky you! So don't delay, ask away!

Getting Back to Basics

So I'm finished with Basic Military Training, can I get a Hooah? Yeah buddy, The Pygmy has survived what is to have been said the roughest toughest training and initiation to join the best group of services in the country, and then two years later he signed up for the Air Force after working at Disney. I'll never forget the moment when we first got off our plane at the airport in San Antonio as we walked through the terminal and towards baggage claim, knowing what lies just around the corner and waiting for someone in camo to pop out and yell at us. After we got our bags, we were directed by a few nice people to walk down this quiet hallway where there one of those guys stood there and we all froze in fear as he shouts "What are you waiting for, get your sorry butts down here in 10 seconds, HURRY UP! MOVE IT!" And so our fun has just begun. What on earth did I get myself into?

The fun continues on when we board our bus to the base, and get issued some items and our feet scanned, and then the iconic "You have 30 seconds to get off my bus!" and fall out on the dots in formation and play "Pick 'em up, put 'em down" with our luggage for about an hour. We finally get upstairs to our new home for 8 and a half weeks and settled in around 3 in the morning, knowing our dreaded first wake up call was in just under 2 hours. Reveille went off on time, and we all literally jumped out of bed shaking in fear, only to find out that we were supposed to go back to sleep so we had a little more time to sleep and actually get our proper 'wake up' call. By the time they came up to 'wake us up' we were already up and dressed, beds made as best as we could, and they came up starting to yell in our faces, paused for a couple seconds as they're trying to figure out why are we already up and why have we attempted to make our beds, but still press on and get in our faces and screaming and spit flying everywhere. Our first dining experience was about the same, except we had literally 10 seconds to 'lick a biscuit and get the piss out' The rest of our first week was clothing issue and processing, shots, and even more 'fun' as we learned how to march in formation.

By Sunday, we were all worn and weary, and waiting for relief from our instructors, and it came in the form of church. Yup, church. Definitely something to look forward to get you going through the week just so you can get to church again because it was so amazing. The praise band and services were just what we have needed to keep our sanity through the rest of the week. After the first week and we've got used to our new lifestyle, it seemed to get a little easier, but just when we thought we were well adjusted, WHAM! More yelling, changes, and expectations are thrown in our faces yet again in week 3. The fourth and fifth week were said to be the 'fun' weeks since we're scheduled to go through the obstacle course, gas chamber, and shoot off M16's at the range. However, we got rained out for the obstacle course, the gas chamber was everything but fun (and whoever thought that was fun is more nuts than I am,) and the M16's, well . . . ok those were pretty cool, don't have any complaints about them.

The entire 6th week is known as BEAST week where we are 'deployed' to a tent city and live and defend our new temporary base from enemies and survive 'attacks' and recover from them. Lucky for me they were all exercises and not the real thing, or else I would have like died 7 times, and I was feeling lucky that week too, not! As soon as we get back 'home' (yes, we all couldn't wait to get back 'home' to our dorm with our TI's and section supervisor in our faces) we were welcomed back with a push party on the pad and treated as if we just got off the bus our first week. 7th week was all evaluations where they check how well we've kept our areas cleaned and in inspection order, they test our military bearing by screaming in our faces again and we have to stand perfectly still, they'll ask us to do drill movements, and more random inspections of our living areas. 8th week is preparing for graduation and then the actual ceremony and parade, followed by town pass where we are allowed to visit the surrounding area and then finally pack up and ship out to our tech schools, where I am currently located. So that just about sums up where I've been the past couple months. So, what did I miss while I was away?

The Temple Scene

What do skippers do when you go into the dark ruins? The crew loses focus with that spotlight that you point at things must be doing something considered illegal or at least something to be frowned upon, right?

Technically the skippers are supposted to remain silent through this part because I think they would like us to take a little break while in there? I'm not sure what the exact reason behind this rule, but I do know they have someone hiding in the temple sometimes and check to see if anyone spiels in there and then meets up with them when they come back to the dock telling them what they did was a "no no" and shouldn't be done again. So yeah, most skippers you might have are doing something considered illegal when they get in there. There are some that like to start singing "It's a small world" really slowly and creepily, some that like to sing something from Willy Wonka, and others that like to continue on with more jokes such as a couple celebrity sightings such as Tiger Woods, and The Golden Girls, staring a beheaded Bea Aurther (sp). I've done a couple of the above, even sang Small World a second time, "underwater" which always gets big laughs.
If YOU have any questions you've been wondering about anything, Jungle Cruise, Disney related, Universal, what I had for lunch yesterday, ANYTHING, ask away in the comments section below! Stay tuned for the War Rant this Friday!

"Pooh" Sized People

If you are by any means offended by fat jokes, then you should probably stop reading right now and jump straight to my comments section and post about how horrible of a person I am for making this post. With that said, hold onto your hats folks, and if you can, pull your safety bars all the way down, because this ride's gonna get rough! (And just in case if you're not sure if you'll fit in Pygmy's Not-so-Pooh-sized Ride-a-palooza, watch this video)

Ok, so in another forum I very very rarely visit (for various reasons which I might discuss in the future,) there was a thread that caught my eye about the larger crowd who thinks they're in charge and must have everything accomodated to their size. Usually I'm one to sympathize for those struggling with weight loss and giving their honest effort to staying fit, but it seems to me that this was one of those guys that loves to live in his personal pimped out ECV, complete with novelty horn that he'll use to warn the people ahead of him that they'll soon be ran over if they don't get out of the way, or he'll sit on you. See, he's smart and got one of those horns that has more than use, so I give him some credit for that. Anyways, he's complaining how some of the rides just won't accomodate him and his larger pals, and how unfair it is. Unfair? Do you think having test seats out front of several attractions to see if you can fit unfair? Do you think some of the attractions have "big boy" seats unfair? (Besides, even if you can't fit in those 'big boy' seats, then you've got a weight problem and need to call Jenny right away!) It's bad enough that It's a Small World at Disneyland had to go through a complete overhaul because the bottom of the boats were scraping the bottom of the canal, and while we're at it, we'll change the theme song too.

Lets just say that the world was a really wonderful place that listens to everyone's needs and concerns and grants everyone's wish. Sounds like a dream, right? Now think how great and wonderful that is about 50 or so years later, where we don't have to do much anything, we all get what we want, and we just keep getting larger, and lazier, and less intelligent. Sound familiar? Sounds like how the hit animated Pixar film "Wall-E" starts, and pretty much describes "Idiocracy" as well, but without the cute robots and hover chairs. Towards the end of Wall E, thankfully the captain still had some smarts to realize what was going on in their ship of paradise, they weren't doing much of anything, and that it's time for a change in lifestyle, and I think that you overly sensitive overweight "Pooh" sized people should take note of that, and get a move on! The world isn't going to make it easier for you, and if you really have your heart set out on riding a certain thrill ride, then you should start working out now so that way you'll be able to fit in the seat, let alone not die of a heart attack because you're too fat.

Before I get all the hatemail from all those that can easily sit on me and crush me to death, let me just say that this is by no means attacking any one person or group, but just as a wake up call to EVERYONE that the world isn't going to change for you, so stop whining and complaining about stuff and figure out a way to work around those problems. As quoted by the most awesome Randy Pausch, author of "The Last Lecture," "Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something." So keep that in mind next time you think it's hard to do anything, because nothing's impossible if you put your mind to it.

Favorite attraction

Mr. Pygmy Sir,

What attraction is your favorite to hit when you'd visit the world on your day off (other than hitting the Jungle Cruise to heckle your fellow CMs)?

Eating Grapes

Eating Grapes,

If I can't say I enjoy riding other skippers boats just to test their waters, then I'd say I enjoy a nice relaxing cruise through the rivers of adventure. . . oh wait, that's Jungle Cruise. Um, I enjoy the drive home after a long days work?

If YOU have any questions you've been wondering about anything, Jungle Cruise, Disney related, Universal, what I had for lunch yesterday, ANYTHING, ask away in the comments section below! Stay tuned for the War Rant this Friday!

The Massive Stroller Army

Robert Niles of Theme Park Review has a weekly segment I thoroughly enjoy as he shares his fond memories of working as a cast member in the Magic Kingdom. This week's entry got me thinking about how much I've loathed stroller duty for Pirates and Jungle Cruise. Pirates has an actual roped off parking lot for these horrid things, and Jungle Cruise just resorts to lining them along the edge of the hill leading upwards, which makes it rough to park these things. For Pirates, your duty was to keep moving the strollers over filling every available space (sound familiar as you enter any show?) And then grab all the strays because people love to just drop their stuff and their stroller right wherever they felt like it. Since I've rarely done Pirate Stroller duty, I'll talk about some of my repeat offenders while working as Jungle Greeter which also has to deal with strollers.

As a Greeter for the World Famous Jungle Cruise, your main duty is to stand outside and look pretty and answer dumb questions and tell people to turn around, this ride isn't worth a 10 minute wait, etc. As you're handling the crowds, you're also keeping strollers from entering the queue, and telling them where they should park it, come back and try it again. For grins, I come up with a completely pointless task for them to do before they're allowed to enter the queue, such as go back up the hill and they must skip down the hill singing I'm a Little Teapot or whatever our song of the day is, whatever I feel like. There are some times where the parents insist on bringing the stroller with them. I tell them there's no room, and we're all allergic to those things anyways. "But our baby's asleep!" Well, then they'll miss out on the Jungle Cruise, wake them up, take them out, and spin around in circles 5 times, and then 3 times in the other direction, and then count to 10 backwards. Usually by then I just get even more strange looks and then they just leave and head over to Pirates. You're still going to have to wake up your kid, and you'll have to deal with scary guys in fake beards and plastic swords, not the kind of people you'd want to argue about strollers with, believe me. So in spirit of Robert's entry, "The Stroller Police" I've decided to call these stroller felons the Cranky Wakey Angry Mommas or CWAMers for short.

Are there any other stroller felons that neither of us have mentioned? Let us know! What else bothers you while visiting the parks? Comment below!

Pygmy's offline for a bit

So as I'm in a transition phase in my personal life and not able to be online again, I've loaded up my blog for the next 2 weeks of stuff that'll automatically post, and hopefully by then I'll be able to come back online and see all the comments you've nice people have left me and I'll continue posting live, but until then, leave a message after the beep and I'll call back at my earliest convenience. Boop!

(yeah, I've gotta get that tone fixed too, don't remind me!)

What is an Albino Pygmy?

This week I've dug up a great question from the archives, about what is an Albino Pygmy exactly, and here's what I've had to say:

First you'll need to break it down into two seperate words, Albino and Pygmy. Find a dictionary, Websters would do just well. I've done the hard part for you below:

al·bi·no /ælˈbaɪnoʊ or, especially Brit., -ˈbi-/ [al-bahy-noh or, especially Brit., -bee-]
plural -nos.
–noun, 1. a person with pale skin, light hair, pinkish eyes, and visual abnormalities resulting from a hereditary inability to produce the pigment melanin.
2. an animal or plant with a marked deficiency in pigmentation.
3. Philately. an embossed stamp accidentally left without ink.

Pyg·my /ˈpɪgmi/[pig-mee]
noun, plural -mies, adjective

–noun, 1. Anthropology.
a. a member of a small-statured people native to equatorial Africa.
b. a Negrito of southeastern Asia, or of the Andaman or Philippine islands.
2. (lowercase) a small or dwarfish person.
3. (lowercase) anything very small of its kind.
4. (lowercase) a person who is of small importance, or who has some quality, attribute, etc., in very small measure.
5. Classical Mythology. (in the Iliad) one of a race of dwarfs who fought battles with cranes, who preyed on them and destroyed their fields.

–adjective, 6. (often lowercase) of or pertaining to the Pygmies.
7. (lowercase) of very small size, capacity, power, etc.

Then all you have to do is put the two together, and what do you get? On second thought, nevermind that.
Got a question to ask me about anything? Leave a comment below!

Old Farts

 Lets face it, old people are scary. Everything gets saggy and wrinkly, things turn gray, all movement you once were capable doing is now slow as ever, and sooner or later you realize you've turned into an elephant impostor. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you happen to grow a short tail out your back side as you age. Besides your physical appearance, your memory starts to fade, unlike that of an elephant, and your attention span seems to shorten as well as your temper. You'll soon realize all of this you're soon yelling at those darned kids to stay off your front lawn and then shift your focus to care-free squirrel and you threaten you'll chop off it's bushy tail if it doesn't get out of your tree.

So if we know that these people were once like us, approx. 50 million years ago, why don't we treat them with the respect they deserve, rather than honking our horns as they cross in front of our cars? Simple, we're not that eager to get to that ripe old age yet, and even though you might have wasted your time doing old people stuff like sitting outside and watching grass grow, doesn't mean you have to waste ours by taking your sweet time wherever you go. Haven't you noticed that no one's patient anymore? Ever notice how the 30 minute guarantee is gone from the pizza delivery industry, simply because 30 minutes is too long! Or how about as you're going through the drive through, and your order would take 1 more minute than usual, they'll have you pull out of the line so they can let all the other impatient people in. Sooner or later we'll have to do away with red lights because I don't want to waste 45 seconds waiting for it to magically switch off and get replaced by the much happier green light. Wait a second, we're still talking about old people, right? I think I'm getting into another subject that I could save for a later War Rant but for now, back to this week's Rant.

Luckily, not all old people turn out this way. There are some that gladly accept the fact that they're old, and there's nothing they can do about it other than enjoy every moment they have left. Unfortunately for my story, this old geezer was an irate elephant. I was shopping for my groceries, and here comes this older guy who for some odd reason, kept following me around. Eventually I turned around and asked him why he was following me, and he just simply replied "I'm not in your way, am I? AM I? So mind your own *&#@$! business!" Ok fine, and so I turned back around, and went to the next aisle, even though I didn't need anything from there. Seconds later, he follows me again. "Sir, please stop following me. I don't know what your deal is, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't follow me around the store anymore." This guy could not take a hint, and continued on getting even more frustrated with me not wanting him staying so close to my back. "What am I doing so wrong? Is it against the law to shop? I don't think so!" he exclaims. I ask him back "So what have you bought so far? Just a bunch of bananas, and some coffee, and I'm sure that you're not going to grab anything here in the pet food aisle. Sir, you are obviously stalking me, let this be the last time I say this, leave me alone." And then he grabbed the back of my shirt and pointed at my back and said "Look boy, this is why I'm following you!" Little did I realize that I was wearing this shirt and I was in a hurry to grab a couple items on my way home so I could make dinner and then come up with this exciting installment of the War Rant. I'm just glad that this guy didn't threaten to shoot me in my toodles.

Have you had any scary, freaky, funny run ins with the elderly? If so, comment below! If you have any suggestions for a future War Rant, comment below! If you have nothing to say, watch this, and then comment below about your taxes! Hope you all got them done in time!

When plastic animals attack!

Have you ever been attacked by one of the animals? Are there any piranias in the water? How come there aren't any huge squirrels out there?

I've had some close calls with the ducks, one flew through my boat right in front of me, really creepy. No pirahnas, but there are some fish we jokingly call the baby pirahnas in the back near our break room we feed them little bread crumbs, and watch them all fight for it like pirahnas because we have no lives when we're on break.

I dunno why there aren't any huge squirrels out there, I thought they were in some night time parade playing the piano?

If YOU have any questions you've been wondering about anything, Jungle Cruise, Disney related, Universal, what I had for lunch yesterday, ANYTHING, ask away in the comments section below! Stay tuned for the War Rant this Friday!

The Wild Blue Bunder?

It's Friday, and unlike many other Fridays where I'd be glad to say TGIF, I'm wondering what on earth I just did yesterday. Rewind back to Tuesday when I get a call from my recruiter saying he can get me back up to MEPS to finish out processing. Ok, no biggie, been there before, done that, don't have to worry about the poking and prodding parade of doctors anymore, which is good, but still came out feeling sore and wondering why I was there in the first place? 

Oh yeah, that's right, I'm looking for a steady job with great pay and benefits! (Not to mention, so is a LOT of other people and in a couple of days they'll close the doors to any others who want to be processed for a long while, so I just barely snuck by.) So I'm thinking to myself as I go through the process, "Well, I've just signed away the next 8 years of my life to the United States Air Force, hope they'll fly by smoothly with the least amount of turbulence possible." So as I swore in and sealed the deal, I'll just have to keep thinking to myself the next big hurdle to get through is basic training, and then it should be blue skies and smooth sailing in the air for me, right? I thought it was bad when I thought Disney owned me, now I'm officially grade A government cheese with wings!
So now I have to start working out to get ready to ship out for 8 and a half weeks of fun choreographed walking tours, a great exercise flat top facility, and enough camp counselors to come up with tons of fun activities to keep us busy all throughout the hot and humid day. If that sounds like fun, then why not sign up today for a vacation package of a lifetime?

Help load up Pygmy's NEW iPod Touch!

As of right now, I have 30 songs and videos for your viewing and listening pleasure, but I want to max out this thing! Each and every track has something in it that reminds me of my days in the Jungle, and I seem to be running out of song ideas. This is where you come in! I want you to comment below any songs that are jungle-esque that I don't have. Don't worry if you happen to post the same song that's already on my iPod, that just means you're on the right track! So post away and enjoy what I have so far of my jungley iPod mix :)

Coming Soon: Ask A Skipper!

The smash hit thread you've all know and love is now going to be a weekly segment in the Pygmy Post (and the crowd goes wild!)

I'll be here to answer any of your questions you might have about ANYTHING, not just jungle related (although preferred.) There might be some weeks where I'll go digging through the old logs for some of the more memorable questions and answers, because digging for old things is cool.

If you have anything you'd like answered by yours truly, ask away below in the comments section, and I'll pick one or two for next week and answer them here. So what are you waiting for, Ask a Skipper!

Prepare blog for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring circus!

Forget hyperdrive, ludicrous speed is the way to go! Thanks to the good people at Walt Disney Boards, I now have some help to spread all things strange and jungley. I'm also in the works of bringing another weekly segment into the blog so stay tuned for that as well. I've also added a couple more jungley songs to my iPod for your listening pleasure.

Also, Happy Easter to everyone out in the jungle, and be sure to stay clear from any dangerous fake animals wearing fake bunny ears!

Missing cookies

Alright boys and girls, Uncle Pygmy's gonna try to keep this blog alive and well as promised, but he needs your help! Every Friday there will be a "War Rant" posting of my choice. I'll try to suggest topics for next week as well and that's when you come in. Comment below on what you'd like me to rant or rave about next week and we'll go from there but for now, today's rant: Missing cookies!

A couple days ago I was called in to work a group and then stay afterwards to work on a couple projects. In between, I stopped by Subway to get myself lunch, and I later find out that they've stopped doing the ANY 5 dollar footlongs. Oh well, I splurged and got a footlong that's more than 5 bucks. I always get myself some oatmeal rasin cookies to go with my meal, and I look down the counter at the cookie case to see there is plenty of cookies available. Today was looking like a great day for me, the weather was great, I finally get a couple of my favorite cookies because they're usually gone by the time I'm there, working on more projects, things were going great. Well, I thought so until it was time for the lady in front of me to ring up her lunch. She turns to the cashier and asks for all the oatmeal rasin cookies. Hold the phone, why on earth would you take away all of those cookies? She leaves before I could say anything, and the cashier gave me a funny look and asked if I was alright. "Yeah," I replied, "but I was gonna get a couple cookies, but I guess that's not happening." "Yeah man, sorry 'bout that." So there you have it. Pygmy is once again, oatmeal cookie-less. Ok, that wasn't that much of an exciting War Rant, but I had to start somewhere.

If you have anything you'd like me to rant/rave about future weeks of the War Rant, please comment below!

Next Week: Stale Peeps!

Looks like any comicbook characters are soon to be owned by Disney

Wow, first Marvel, and now this? One can only wonder what the lovely people at the mouse house are scheming up next: