Hey mom, I'm still playing with my food!

Here are some really artsy Oreos where I think someone had a little too much time on their hands to be playing with the delicious cream filling. Next, who doesn't love to play with their food and sculpt it to these impressive food figures? Finally, here's a guy who looooooves his vegitables, and turns them into stunning works of art Carl Warner calls, "Foodscapes". Next time you or your kids are poking around their peas and carrots or mashed potatoes, might want to let them finish and see what they could come up with!

Pygmy visits the Flintstones Bedrock City!

Flintstones Fantasies come alive in this modern Stone-Age setting of fun-filled buildings and play areas. Tour Fred's Bedrock City. Ride the Flintmobile and Iron Horse Train. See Mount Rockmore and enjoy the new Flintstone Trio Show. Then romp on the playground's Slideasaurus. -http://www.flintstonesbedrockcity.com/
Sounds pretty cheesy and fun, two of the 3 qualities a Pygmy looks for in visiting a place (the other one would be amazing, of course.) So lets get to the pictures and report of my visit to Custer, SD to go hang out with Fred and Barney at Bedrock City!

It's not easy being green

So I'm playing Disney Trivia, featured on this chat room every Tuesday night at 9pm EST (Be there, tell 'em Pygmy sent you!) and one of the players mentioned about this guy who works at Disney that is devilishly handsome, quick witted and funny, and has a killer smile, and wears green. Wait a sec, does this girl know she's talking about me? Have we met before? I am freaking out right about now, up until when she gives a link to a video featuring this man of many talents.

This is the video posted in the chat room. Go ahead, watch it. I'll wait . . .

So did you see the video? Was he devilishly handsome, quick with the wit and charm, and was he wearing green? Why yes, of course! But we didn't mention anything about the jungle, and never did I think that Peter Pan would be so popular. Really, c'mon now, he's just a grown up dude with some serious issues that we'd like to call the Michael Jackson syndrome and thinks he's still a kid. Not just any kid, but a kid that plays with swords and fights pirates, and makes out with mermaids and indian girls. Ok, maybe this guy hasn't lost his marbles, but that's beside the point. How the heck does this guy get so popular? How does he have so many videos? I'd like to have random girls come up and ask me to marry them, but that never happens. Usually, if they do talk to me, it's to get me to stop telling my lame jokes or they'll mention if I have something in my nose, that's it.

After watching several of these videos with this guy flirting with all those girls, even Alice, I've noticed something . . . I need a hat with a feather in it. Then the ladies will like me, and I'll finally get some mermaid action.

The way baseball should be

I'm just about done with revising my icons, banner, and even added a favicon! Here's some just as fun and exciting as all my new little updates, baseball videos!

Here's an article with video about Ben Revere of the Twins who turns a trip into an awesome somersault. Think that's pretty cool? Check out this awesome first pitch!

Have anything cool or fun that you'd like me to share? Email me or comment below! Pygmy out.

The "Dark Side" of the Jungle.

Tell us the true "Dark Side" of the Jungle Cruise. I've heard it often is likened to "Apocolypse Now" but much like its star Charlie Sheen it is in a current phase of spotlight confusion. can you tell us any tales from the river?

Not quite sure what story you're looking for here, so I'll just tell you about this one story about how we skippers get a little bit crazy as soon as the sun sets. Right by Schweitzer Falls is the only point in the Jungle where you can see another boat on the river (besides the dock.) Some nights it gets slow in the jungle, and to keep the boats cycling through, we'd send a dead boat through and the skipper behind the wheel gets a nice 10 minute break. Some times, the skipper of said dead boat plays it literally and stops their boat at the Falls and plays dead as he lays limp hanging over the side with the gun in his hand, hoping that the next boat notices and catches that skipper off guard. Other nights, we'd have a dual with the guns and one of us would fake a death. I've even heard this bit gets really complex when we get our skiff out and have one of them pose as the Jungle PD and he clocked us at a whopping 5 MPH when the speed limit is obviously 3 MPH. "Sir, I need you to step out of your vessel, and we'll take your boat back to the dock to unload these passengers and then take the boat to our office." And the fake cop will then take over ala Great Movie Ride, and our fearless skip manages to steal the boat back in the temple scene and kicks the cop out. The things they used to do back then, no wonder why they always call them "the good 'ol days."

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Jungle Cruise Rip offs?

Dear Skipper,

Has there ever been rip-offs or rides that are very similar to the JC at other parks, and if there are any would you give them to the attacking natives as a sacrifice? Thank you skipper!

Amateur Adventurer

 Dear Noob Navigator,

I'm sure there are plenty rip-offs and rides that are very similar to our beloved Jungle Cruise. However, the ones I know of are no more. There was once a theme park in Japan called Nara Dreamland, and was pretty much a clone of the Magic Kingdom gone horribly wrong. It had a train station in the front, a castle, a Matterhorn, a skyway that goes through the mountain, a couple coasters, a monorail, an autopia, and yes, even a Jungle Cruise. Unfortunately for this park, it closed permanently in 2006, so there's no need to toss it to the natives.

Albino "still the BEST and ONLY Jungle Cruise tours on the planet" Pygmy

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Pygmy's got Facebook

Greetings Adventurers, and all those who just happen to be lost within the sound of my voice. I am Albino Pygmy, and now have a Facebook Page! Yes, that's right folk's, I've found a new way to reach out and annoy the masses. Add me as a friend and share the Pygmy love like the Yellow Fever! http://www.facebook.com/albino.pygmy

If it ain't Disney, it ain't worthwhile

Howdy folks, Pygmy here again and think I finally have a hold over the odd bug going on in this blog of mine. I think I should have it tested for rabies. Anyways, there was this one topic that almost flipped my lid about their thought process of their local attractions in comparison to Disney.

     Here's the original post:
It is summer time and it is the time of the year to get outside and see what the world has to offer (as a Massachusetts resident, I get stuck in side for awhile). My wife and I have taken my 3 year old and 18 month old daughters out and about in the area and I can't help but think, nothing is as good as the themeparks.
We'll go to the zoo and start talking about Animal Kingdom. We'll go to the science museum and start talking about Epcot. We went to a nice play area and then I will start to remember my daughters playing at the Honey I shrunk the kids play area at DHS. We'll go to a little amusement park and I will see the shoddy themeing, the peeling paint and the trash on the ground here and there instead of the fun times I am suppose to be having. We'll go places that are meant to be fun and I'll look around and think, "this place blows."
So it is official, the theme parks have ruined all area attractions for me. Has this happened to anyone else?

  Oh boy, this topic just pushed a couple of my theme park hot buttons. I'll try to hold back letting it all out or else things could get really ugly so I'll keep it short and sweet and sour like my Pygmy character.

First off, a little history about me. I'm a Florida native, always have lived within 45 minutes to the theme parks and loved it. Grew up and started working for both Universal and Disney and loved it for the most part (that's another story)

So yes, my views about the theme parks are obviously going to be a little different than the average visitor, and no I do not think the theme parks are less magical when I know all the in's and out's of them. One thing I've learned as I've started to travel around was to appreciate all the other little tourist traps the world has to offer. They all bring a little something different that the big theme parks can never offer, and it's hard to put that experience into words, so you're just going to have to take my word on it and check out these places without your mouse-tinted goggles.

For example: This past Memorial Day weekend, I had a lovely 4 days off, and I decided to head up to South Dakota to check out this Flintstones Theme Park as mentioned here in these forums. Yes I was aware of it's existence, and yes I knew it was going to be incredibly cheesy, and that's pretty much why I had to check it out. Besides hamming it up with a bunch of old guys that probably grew up with Fred and Barney, and the nearly identical houses, I had a great time visiting this place. I also drove around several of the scenic routes and saw Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Badlands, and a few other places nearby.

Before I turn this into a trip report, the point I'm trying to make is that while I was going through all these places, I have had those thoughts pop in the back of my mind of how similar this is to Disney or Universal. Heck, there was even a Norwegian chapel in Rapid City that was screaming "Remember me, from Epcot?!" Anyways, even though I've had those thoughts in my mind, what I tend to think is how this trip turned out better than what the theme parks could offer. Sure I'm not screaming off my head on a thrill ride or enjoying that smell past popcorn and churro vendors, but it was a nice change from all that hustle at the theme parks.

So please, do yourself a favor and learn how to take time and smell the roses nearby, and not just keep going back to the same artificial wildlife known as plasticus mechanicus that you all know and love.

Trying something new nearby: Everybody's doing it! (because it's cheaper!)

What makes Disney World so Amazing?

I have always wondered why I love WDW so much.I mean, the rides are fantastic, but there has to be something else that keeps people coming back again and again other then the rides, which is what most people associate Disney World with, but I think theres something more.

Everyone knows it's the hippos of course. Awesomely trained hippos that go leaps and bounds, and blow bubbles even to inspire the most inspiring cast members all throughout the parks at WDW. It is a known fact, that if you want to become a CM on WDW property, you MUST spend 1 hour bathing with the hippos. Bathing in the Indian Elephant pool is sooo 1970's, and also frowned upon if you forget to pack your trunks. When you have completed your hippo bathing training/therapy, you would then undergo a series of mental evaluations to see if you have received enough of their hippo "pep" or more commonly referred to as "Disney Magic." If you happen to actually last longer than a year working for WDW, you are required to go back into the hippo pool, as the effect of the hippos only last about 11 - 13 months. This, my dear friends, is why the Jungle Cruise Skippers are by far the BEST and ONLY highly trained CM's that you can depend on to help YOU achieve a perfect vacation.

This post was brought to by the Jungle Navigation Co. Sending unsuspecting tourists throughout all ends of the earth, and if we're nice we'll bring you back. Keep those questions coming, comment below if you'd like your question answered here in my blog!

Pygmy visits the City Museum!

I know what you're thinking . . . a museum . . . really? I thought you were supposed to be most awesomest Pygmy who visits the most awesomest stuff, not some museum, right? Have I lost my mind about all things fun and random? I'll answer that for you, NOPE! This "museum" if you'd like to call it, is anything but a museum. In fact, I'm not quite sure what to call it. Whatever it is, I like it, a LOT!

 Just in case you forgot what you're about to get yourselves into, they have this sign.

This is part of the outdoor portion of the museum. It looks like a bunch of twisted metal that you can crawl through. And yes, that is a school bus hanging off the rooftop!

 As soon as you get inside, you are greeted to this lovely 3 story tall slide.

If that looks tame, try the 10 story spiral slide of doom!

  And you thought I was exaggerating, it REALLY IS 10 stories tall! This picture doesn't do it justice.

I did say this place was a "museum" correct? Did I mention that it puts Ripley's to shame?

Everything you see in this place you can climb into/onto, play with, etc. There are no limits to what you can do here, other than acting stupid.

Ok, so I lied about the ability to play with anything in the museum. But seriously, why would anyone even want to touch this thing?

 Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, can't play with you guys either?

You guys didn't see this, but I felt like being a rebel.

And elsewhere in the museum, they even have the World's Smallest pair!

 Back outside, they have a giant ball pit with basketball hoop, a fire pit to roast marshmallows, and even more things to climb up and then slide down.

So if you're in the area of St. Louis and looking for something random to do, check out this randomly cool museum. The City Museum, is now officially Pygmy Approved!

Pygmy visits Marceline

It's almost time that I'd wrap up my little vacation, and Marceline was along the way . . . well, not really, but it was in the ballpark and had to stop by for obvious reasons. Anyhoo, I'm sure you'd all like to see some pictures, right?

 The Walt Disney Museum. Closed for winter season.

 Main Street U.S.A. Marceline

I think that street sign has a hidden something in it.

The Disney family house in Marceline where Walt grew up.

 This sign points us to Walt's Dreaming Tree and Barn.

Walt's Dreaming Tree.

 The barn.

Inside the barn, featuring a couple kids watching a young Walt.

This sign explains all.

This sign lets you leave a legacy in the barn without paying an arm and a leg and leaving your mini tombstone inside a theme park.

Pygmy leaves his legacy in the barn.

I do plan to visit again soon, but next time not during the winter season so I can then check out the museum. Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!