Virtual Jungle Cruise?

As most of you know, I was a devastatingly handsome and witty skipper of the World Famous Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World in Florida. I also have a fondness for being creative and coming up with strange and unusual things. I used to play a PC game called Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 all the time, and had theme parks based off of anything I can convert into theme park, such as movies, cartoons, websites, even songs and music. This time, I've created my beloved Jungle in the virtual realm of RCT2, but with a few twists and turns that nobody would ever see coming. So climb aboard my vessel, and I shall take you on a little 3 hour tour into unmarked territory. Bring a camera, food, bug spray, and several clean pairs of underwear.

Here's the entrance to the Jungle Cruise and the queue building. In here, you'll be standing around, having flashbacks of your life pondering if you'll ever make it out alive in this 21 hour long queue, wondering if there really is a Jungle Cruise. At least you have the zany antics of our favorite radio announcer Albert Awol and a fancy selection of Jungle melodies to keep you occupied.

Finally you board your boat, and travel down the first half of the Jungle. You might notice some familiar scenes including the butterflies, elephants, hippos, and of course, the backside of water.

So far it still looks very similar, but here's where I start adding my own twist to the cruise. Instead of entering through the temple, you go through the lion's cave . . .

. . . and into anothe ride? Wait a sec, we all knew that Pirates was Jungle's next door neighbor, but this is ridiculous! Let's try to find our back to our own attraction now!

How would we get back to the Jungle? Easy, we'll jump track and drop straight to the volcano scene that we joke about if you happen to sit in our sacrificial altar.

And then you end up meeting Ol' Smiley and Ginger and other various creepy crawlies. I'm sorry folks, no Chief Namee or Trader Sam in this version, although, if you look very closely and use your imagination, you could see a top hat and umbrella next to Ginger :)

After building the jungle, I decided to fill the rest of the space of my custom scenario. I made this scenario just to build Jungle Cruise only, but since I have other attractions and scenery, I had to expand. The next attraction for this park is 20,000 Leagues.

Here's the beginning of Pirates. Still needs work, and I will have the queue covered up similar to Jungle's queue, and have the first section of Pirates themed, or just covered up.

Here's an overall view of the park so far. The main section in Pirates is done for the most part, and I thought I took a screenshot of that, but I guess I didn't? I'll make sure to post it when the ride's done anyways.

So that's all the pictures of this park. Stay tuned as I show off another park as soon as I can find those pictures.

If someone would be so kind as to lend me a couple . . . hundred . . . thousand dollars.

Yeah, help feed a starving skipper find his way back to the jungle! No folks, just pulling your leg with yet another seemingly random title for this blog. Yesterday's blog, I really didn't have anything to say or the time to come up with something post-worthy, so I just threw together a couple youtube links, and then came up with a random title saying something about Saturday Morning cartoons, since well, it was Saturday Morning. Anyways, I come back home, check my messages (actually, more like dusting out the cobwebs in my email account) and read up on a couple blogs I follow. One of these blogs is from a friend of mine from WDB and I'm wondering if he just so happened to skim through my blog and then come up with this blog post: Your Saturday Morning Cartoons. Today is a shorter day for me, but really won't offer a whole lot of time to put together something, so today's another 'off' day for me and you'll be getting this blog that just covers over this ironic situation, and to also see if Greg would be extremely generous later on today when I return from work. Perhaps instead of dusting cobwebs out of my email account like usual, I'll be dusting out a lot of pictures of dead green presidents :)

I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons

Today, Pygmy's got a looong day ahead of him, and probably won't have time after work to come up with a blog today. But not to worry though, I won't leave you empty-handed. As I'm off working my spearbutt off, you can watch the best, most exciting video I have ever seen ever, and it's just as long and as fun as my 13 hour long day too! If you've liked that one, you can also check out this one too, just as awesome as the first, if not better.

And for those of you who actually sat down and watched both videos in their entirety, here are a couple videos to make up for what you've just endured. This one, that one, and this other one that looks wrong but really isn't.


Nutty new Holiday tradition

As I was searching for a picture to post tomorrow where I come up with a possibly witty and funny comment, I stumbled upon this picture I took while working at Universal Studios in Orlando. This is the "Holiday" Tree from Macy's Holiday Parade. (Can't call it a Christmas Tree, that wouldn't be politically correct, bah humbug!) It has a very impressive light display as you can see all the lights on it, almost as if there are more bulbs than there are branches for them to hang on. But if you look close enough in the picture above, you might see a little furry head of a squirrel peeking out. Ok, so there's a squirrel in the tree, no big deal, right? Who hasn't seen a squirrel climb a tree with lights before? Let me tell you, this isn't a real squirrel, but a mechanical squirrel added in the tree. Now why would they do that? The mechanical squirrel was added in as a tribute to a real squirrel that did climb all inside the tree and started gnawing on the branches and light strands. They've tried to catch it and remove it, but couldn't because it was too fast for them. After several repairs to the lights, they finally caught him as he fried himself biting into a power line. They felt sorry for the little guy, and added this little mechanical squirrel as a little memorial for it, right where it had been zapped. Not many know of the squirrel's existance, because nobody ever gets close enough to really examine the tree. Besides, it's best to admire the tree from quite a distance so that you can see the whole thing go through it's light display. Next time you head down to Universal Studios for their annual Macy's Holiday Parade, try to see if you can find the squirrel in the tree. If you do, you'll now know why it's there.

Behold! The new, official Pygmy Seals of Approval!

Aren't they a thing a beauty? I've been meaning to make an official Seal of Approval for quite some time now, but didn't have access to Photoshop until today. Whenever I see something I like, you'd probably see this seal posted nearby, telling viewers that this thing must be good if Pygmy approves. Here, lets give this seal a test drive, shall we on a forum I frequent most, featured below.

Walt Disney Boards Banner

Video of Pygmy at work

No, not at the Jungle this time. I'm working Halloween Horror Nights at Universal as a scarecrow. I didn't know it, but a video of me made it online! It's about time the interwebs recognized some talent! Ok, you really can't see me, or what my character looks like, just some creepy shadowy figure with stick claws. But I assure you that is me at work. If you're having trouble finding me, look for this scary dude pictured below. Enjoy!

I have the sudden urge to chase a guy in a gorilla suit.

I'm testing out mp3 players so that my Jungle isn't so quiet. I can't stand the sound of silence! It just drives me . . . well . . . you name it, it drove me there including but not limited to circles, rhombuses, parallelograms, and pentagonal shapes, oh my! (And you thought lions and tigers and bears were frightening. Geometric shapes are a lot worse because they're full of all sorts of problems.) Benny Hill won't be staying here much longer folks, so enjoy it while you still can. I'm looking to find a nice assortment of Jungle tunes for you to listen to as you cruise through my blog. Until then, run around in elipses being chased by gorillaman!

Getting the hang of things

Ok, so the "hip new" look just didn't quite work out for me, so I went back to my somewhat familiar looking layout. Instead of jungle water brown, I now have the background jungle puke green. As I'm still getting the hang of things here, why not go do something productive while I go think of other things to post here, like go visit my youtube page. If you've already seen that before, you probably don't need to visit again since I haven't uploaded anything recent in the past year. However, I feel bad for sending you to my recently revised youtube page that really doesn't have anything new. So to make things up for you, I'll show you a spiffy little multiplayer game I've found recently. It's about these strange, cool, cartoonish balls (sounds familiar?) that you bounce around to score points in various mini games such as soccer, croquet, darts, etc. Check out the awesomeness that is: Globulos!