Another 24 hour workday, Disney?

Are you kidding me? As if one of those 24 hour long Disney days wasn't enough, you're going to do yet another one? Have you thought of asking the rest of your hard working happy not-so-lucky Pygmy slaves, erm, employess, erm, "Cast Members?" Unlike your lifeless Small World dolls, Pygmies have a life outside of the theme parks! Hard as it may seem, it's true! Yup, after I've nearly missed throwing my spears at the last boat load of lackluster tourists, I head over with the guys to Chief Namee's Cannibal Cafe for some finger sandwiches, elbow maccaroni, and toast with toejam and jelly. I let him know that his wife makes a very fine dinner, and the chief turns to me and would say "Yes she sure does, but I really am going to miss her" and we both laugh at the absurdity of that, since his wife doesn't taste good reheated as leftovers. But that's beside the point, the point is, I'm ranting about Disney's cheap gimmicks and tricks.

Jungle Cruise has a theme song now?

I'd say it's about time my ride has a theme song! I've had my own theme song for quite a while now before I discovered this beauty of a song. A couple things to note while listening to this song:

1) He sings his song (decently, but could be worse so I'm not complaining.)

2) There are no lyrics posted (neither a bouncing ball to follow either, what a shame.)

3) This is ONE of several songs made just for the Jungle Cruise!

Jungle Cruise with live actors?

I might be confusing my experience on a ride at Busch Gardens, but when I was about 5 or 6 (a long time ago ) I keep thinking there were live actors at the native camp on the left side when you make the curve to the left before you enter the temple. Were there any actors on the side, or was it just my imagination?

I'm closing my blog down . . . forever

Ha! April Fools! . . . wait a sec, I'm a bit late on that one. Where did all the time go? Since when did the Spice Girls get back together? Who fed my goldfish? What's happened to my blog? Well, I think my blog is tired of me walking out on it every so often, so that I'm not even allowed to live under my rock anymore, I've moved up to the dog house! I'm really digging the sound of having a roof over my head now held up by four wooden walls, with a doorway, how cool is that? The downside is, I'm gonna have to work even harder this time to win my blog's heart back! Over the next few weeks, you'll probably see me toying around with all the new blog functions and tricks blogger came up with, because you all know me and playing with other people's, and blog's buttons *insert evil laugher here.* In the meantime, whoever still manages to follow this blog, and read through all my nonsense, thanks for your loyalty, and for that, I'll keep this blog going for your entertainment! Just do me a favor please, and let me know what you'd like to see on here, any questions for Ask A Skipper? Anything you'd like me to rant about for the War Rant? Got a cool place you'd like me to check out? Anything fun or gamey? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you! Comment below, send me an email, I'm even on Facebook!