What makes Disney World so Amazing?

I have always wondered why I love WDW so much.I mean, the rides are fantastic, but there has to be something else that keeps people coming back again and again other then the rides, which is what most people associate Disney World with, but I think theres something more.

Everyone knows it's the hippos of course. Awesomely trained hippos that go leaps and bounds, and blow bubbles even to inspire the most inspiring cast members all throughout the parks at WDW. It is a known fact, that if you want to become a CM on WDW property, you MUST spend 1 hour bathing with the hippos. Bathing in the Indian Elephant pool is sooo 1970's, and also frowned upon if you forget to pack your trunks. When you have completed your hippo bathing training/therapy, you would then undergo a series of mental evaluations to see if you have received enough of their hippo "pep" or more commonly referred to as "Disney Magic." If you happen to actually last longer than a year working for WDW, you are required to go back into the hippo pool, as the effect of the hippos only last about 11 - 13 months. This, my dear friends, is why the Jungle Cruise Skippers are by far the BEST and ONLY highly trained CM's that you can depend on to help YOU achieve a perfect vacation.

This post was brought to by the Jungle Navigation Co. Sending unsuspecting tourists throughout all ends of the earth, and if we're nice we'll bring you back. Keep those questions coming, comment below if you'd like your question answered here in my blog!