Jungle Cruise Rip offs?

Dear Skipper,

Has there ever been rip-offs or rides that are very similar to the JC at other parks, and if there are any would you give them to the attacking natives as a sacrifice? Thank you skipper!

Amateur Adventurer

 Dear Noob Navigator,

I'm sure there are plenty rip-offs and rides that are very similar to our beloved Jungle Cruise. However, the ones I know of are no more. There was once a theme park in Japan called Nara Dreamland, and was pretty much a clone of the Magic Kingdom gone horribly wrong. It had a train station in the front, a castle, a Matterhorn, a skyway that goes through the mountain, a couple coasters, a monorail, an autopia, and yes, even a Jungle Cruise. Unfortunately for this park, it closed permanently in 2006, so there's no need to toss it to the natives.

Albino "still the BEST and ONLY Jungle Cruise tours on the planet" Pygmy

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  1. Albino! Croaker here.(not so anonymous) tell us the true "Dark Side" of the Jungle Cruise. I've heard it often is likened to "Apocolypse Now" but much like its star Charlie Sheen it is in a current phase of spotlight confusion. can you tell us any tales from the river?

    "i love the smell of Dole Whip in the morning"

  2. Saw pics of Nara's... what a joke that was... i also heard it was ridiculously dangerous park... i heard thats why it closed...