The "Dark Side" of the Jungle.

Tell us the true "Dark Side" of the Jungle Cruise. I've heard it often is likened to "Apocolypse Now" but much like its star Charlie Sheen it is in a current phase of spotlight confusion. can you tell us any tales from the river?

Not quite sure what story you're looking for here, so I'll just tell you about this one story about how we skippers get a little bit crazy as soon as the sun sets. Right by Schweitzer Falls is the only point in the Jungle where you can see another boat on the river (besides the dock.) Some nights it gets slow in the jungle, and to keep the boats cycling through, we'd send a dead boat through and the skipper behind the wheel gets a nice 10 minute break. Some times, the skipper of said dead boat plays it literally and stops their boat at the Falls and plays dead as he lays limp hanging over the side with the gun in his hand, hoping that the next boat notices and catches that skipper off guard. Other nights, we'd have a dual with the guns and one of us would fake a death. I've even heard this bit gets really complex when we get our skiff out and have one of them pose as the Jungle PD and he clocked us at a whopping 5 MPH when the speed limit is obviously 3 MPH. "Sir, I need you to step out of your vessel, and we'll take your boat back to the dock to unload these passengers and then take the boat to our office." And the fake cop will then take over ala Great Movie Ride, and our fearless skip manages to steal the boat back in the temple scene and kicks the cop out. The things they used to do back then, no wonder why they always call them "the good 'ol days."

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