Happy New Year!

Ok, so I'm a little over a week late, and pretty much have just destroyed all of my not so many new year's resolutions, including an attempt to keep this blog alive, but here I am posting anyways. So I guess there's always room for improvement, even though I'm off to a bad start already? Redemption! Not just a word meaning what you do with your numerous tickets won from arcade games to get a cheap 5 cent slinky and a rubber band, NO! Pygmy's makin' a comeback! Look out world, here comes Pygmy, take . . . ugh . . . lost my comeback count. No matter, I'm back, and this is my new year's resolotion, to spell resolution correctly and to keep this blog alive! I would need help though, suggestions from YOU, the reader. What do you want to see here? What do you want me to rant about? Anything tickle your funnybone? Let me know! Comment below and lets get this party started! I've swapped out the dead tracks in my iPod with some new jungle hotness, so I've brought the music, chips and dip are in that corner, and the dance floor is thatta way, so have at it!

Also I made a new game on youtube for WDW's 40th Anniversary, go me! To play, just watch this video and click the links inside the video to continue, good luck!

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