Magic Kingdom to serve alcohol

. . . um, what did I just type in the Title? Yes folks, you read correctly. After 41 years of being a dry park, they will now start serving Beer and Wine in Be Our Guest as part of the Fantasyland expansion. From what I've heard, Disney's been finding a way to sell alcohol to MK for quite some time, but find a way to sneak it in under the guise of "adding to the theme and ambiance of French cuisine." Now, before I start jumping to conclusions about how dinner drinks in MK will then result to beer carts every 30 feet down Main Street, consider the fact that EPCOT started off with two places in the World Showcase to serve alcohol, Mexico and UK in restaurants. If we were to take a stroll through the countries now, you'll notice that there's even more locations to buy some ice cold beer, or any other drink native to the representing country. Now, what makes me think that Disney wouldn't do the same with MK? We all know how once they find a gold mine, they'll do whatever they can to cash out as much as they can.

But this is all bigger than beer being sold at the parks, this is about keeping true to Walt's vision. Walt created Disneyland as a safe place for families to enjoy together as a place to escape into another world or place in time. He thought about how unfortunate it was that since Disneyland was near several hotels that popped up and a highway, that he couldn't allow his guests to truly escape the real world for his Magic Kingdom. He fixed that problem with his Florida project and made sure there was no trace of the outside world when you reach the front gate. Next time you visit Magic Kingdom, pay attention to where you park, and then either board the monorail or ferry to get to the gate, and then look back and look around you. That's what Walt wanted, that feeling that you are no longer in Central Florida, and I'm sure most of you already knew that and felt that. What I'm trying to say is that after going through Traditions and having them tell me the above history about Walt's Florida project and how he had the blessing of land, and wanted to not have any trace of the outside world, we start walking through Main Street and pass by mentions of DVC, McDonald's fry carts, and soon Starbucks will be making appearances in the parks. Ok, did they just contradict themselves there? I'd say so, but they have a spiffy term they'd like to call synergy.

I enjoy going to the parks, but each and every visit, I'm getting tired of seeing how the company is straying further away from Walt's vision, while manipulating his quotes to justify the reasons why they do what they're doing. As a fan of Walt and his ideas, I'm concerned that the parks will never be anywhere near where Walt intended them to be. I know he would definitely keep with the times and always be changing and updating, but would NEVER change his thoughts on allowing alcohol to be served in the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. "I'm getting tired of seeing how the company is straying further away from Walt's vision, while manipulating his quotes to justify the reasons why they do what they're doing."

    I could NOT have said this better myself.