If someone would be so kind as to lend me a couple . . . hundred . . . thousand dollars.

Yeah, help feed a starving skipper find his way back to the jungle! No folks, just pulling your leg with yet another seemingly random title for this blog. Yesterday's blog, I really didn't have anything to say or the time to come up with something post-worthy, so I just threw together a couple youtube links, and then came up with a random title saying something about Saturday Morning cartoons, since well, it was Saturday Morning. Anyways, I come back home, check my messages (actually, more like dusting out the cobwebs in my email account) and read up on a couple blogs I follow. One of these blogs is from a friend of mine from WDB and I'm wondering if he just so happened to skim through my blog and then come up with this blog post: Your Saturday Morning Cartoons. Today is a shorter day for me, but really won't offer a whole lot of time to put together something, so today's another 'off' day for me and you'll be getting this blog that just covers over this ironic situation, and to also see if Greg would be extremely generous later on today when I return from work. Perhaps instead of dusting cobwebs out of my email account like usual, I'll be dusting out a lot of pictures of dead green presidents :)

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