Getting the hang of things

Ok, so the "hip new" look just didn't quite work out for me, so I went back to my somewhat familiar looking layout. Instead of jungle water brown, I now have the background jungle puke green. As I'm still getting the hang of things here, why not go do something productive while I go think of other things to post here, like go visit my youtube page. If you've already seen that before, you probably don't need to visit again since I haven't uploaded anything recent in the past year. However, I feel bad for sending you to my recently revised youtube page that really doesn't have anything new. So to make things up for you, I'll show you a spiffy little multiplayer game I've found recently. It's about these strange, cool, cartoonish balls (sounds familiar?) that you bounce around to score points in various mini games such as soccer, croquet, darts, etc. Check out the awesomeness that is: Globulos!

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