Have I always been in B mode?

One thing I love about the jungle of interwebs, is there's a lot of entertaining things out there, and I just so happened to find this one incredibly large furry guy that lives atop a really big mountain that also shares my love of disco.

So after reading the sad story of this gentle giant and all he wanted to do was eat unsuspecting tourists (another similarity!), he pulled his back out and is frozen in time and blinded by a strobe light. How sad. I haven't been flashed like that before, and it's only a matter of time they add strobe lights and other sound effects to make me look even scarier. Would anyone know was I supposed to have thrown my spears at the boats, or act like I was about to throw it by moving my arms? As far as I know, I've been standing here going "ooga booga boo". My question to you, whoever still reads these crazy blog postings of mine, have I always been in B mode all this time? Also, what other things have you've noticed that are also stuck in B mode, like my new found friend, the yeti? Please for the love of monkey buddha comment below! That is all.

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