Sketches with passing other boats?

Are there any sketches you do with other skippers on boats passsing?

The only place were boats 'pass' by is by Schwietzer Falls, and no, we don't have any sketches we do as we pass, because even though you can see the other boat, we're technically in two different show scenes and two different parts of the spiel and they both don't have time for "Hey, look at the weirdo in khaki in that boat over there, feel sorry for the people on that boat." However, there are some things several skippers do with other boats during backups by Chief Namee, such as getting your boat to say "Hi other boat" on the count of three, 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! "HI OTHER BOAT!" and then 7 seconds later, have the other boat reply back with some witty comment, and it could go on back and forth for hours. There has been one time we've done 'the wave' like you would do at a sports stadium, starting from the front of the first boat in the backup and going as far down as possible, hopefully onward to the next boat, and so on.

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