Jungle Cruse, update or scrap?

Do you think the majority of your passengers love the JC or view it as a relic that needs to be updated or gone?

It feels like people come on here because 'they have to, they've always done a cruise in the jungle every visit and need to do it while they're here now' and then afterwards come off wondering 'why did we even bother with it?' Or if they had a great skip "That's why we keep coming back, he/she was great!" I do think it needs to be updated, because the ride by itself without our corny jokes, the ride is just as boring as sitting on 'small world,' honestly. I've had a couple trips around where it was just me just to keep the boats cycling, so I'd sit and run the boat, and even though I get a little break from spieling, it does it a bit boring going through there and I'd think "we'd be doomed if they got rid of us and automated the boats" and gives me more reason to step up my spiel to try to bring some life into what looks like a dying attraction.

Have a question about me, the Jungle, my opinions on anything you have in mind (within reason) feel free to ask me and it just might end up getting answered here in my nearly dead blog, lucky you! So don't delay, ask away!

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