Jungle Cruise with live actors?

I might be confusing my experience on a ride at Busch Gardens, but when I was about 5 or 6 (a long time ago ) I keep thinking there were live actors at the native camp on the left side when you make the curve to the left before you enter the temple. Were there any actors on the side, or was it just my imagination?

As far as I can recall, there have never been live actors in the jungle at all, to include the deadpan joke tellers they call skippers. As far as Busch Gardens is concerned, I've only been once, and can't think of anything that would have live actors in an outdoor ride scene, with the exception of Rhino Rally, but even then that's comparing it to Kilimanjaro Safaris at AK which it was not.

 The only thing I can think of is that maybe when you went, you caught some skippers going on a "safari" where some of us like to travel around the jungle on foot just for fun and try to not be seen by the boats. There are two camp sites in the jungle, one early in the ride in the Congo River with the overturned jeep and silverback gorillas, and then the attacking natives before the backside of water on the end of the Nile. There are attacking native figures that would hop around in a circle in a hut, and then three off to the side about to throw a spear, and I assure you that those aren't real, at least I hope not? Well, maybe except for one though, me, muwahahaha!

 (If any older skippers that have been around the river a lot longer than I have knows otherwise, comment below!) As usual, comment below any questions you may have for me about anything!

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