Jungle Cruise has a theme song now?

I'd say it's about time my ride has a theme song! I've had my own theme song for quite a while now before I discovered this beauty of a song. A couple things to note while listening to this song:

1) He sings his song (decently, but could be worse so I'm not complaining.)

2) There are no lyrics posted (neither a bouncing ball to follow either, what a shame.)

3) This is ONE of several songs made just for the Jungle Cruise!

Overall, I give this guy much kudos for his creative lyrics and song selections. Check out his first song of his multi-track collection all about the Jungle Cruise ride!

Speaking of awesome Jungle Songs, check out my sweet new media player conveniently placed at the bottom of your browser. My iPod Touch kept bugging out on me and finally died, not even reformatting it a dozen times like a windows based player would do the trick. I guess it goes to show you that yes, even media players that have an Apple-like skin crash differently and unexpectedly. What's really sweet about this new player I have on my blog, is that the songs will play all throughout your visit through my blog, not just on the page you're currently on. If you have any jungle-related songs you'd like to hear while reading my blog, comment below the youtube link and I'll add them on my player!

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