Missing cookies

Alright boys and girls, Uncle Pygmy's gonna try to keep this blog alive and well as promised, but he needs your help! Every Friday there will be a "War Rant" posting of my choice. I'll try to suggest topics for next week as well and that's when you come in. Comment below on what you'd like me to rant or rave about next week and we'll go from there but for now, today's rant: Missing cookies!

A couple days ago I was called in to work a group and then stay afterwards to work on a couple projects. In between, I stopped by Subway to get myself lunch, and I later find out that they've stopped doing the ANY 5 dollar footlongs. Oh well, I splurged and got a footlong that's more than 5 bucks. I always get myself some oatmeal rasin cookies to go with my meal, and I look down the counter at the cookie case to see there is plenty of cookies available. Today was looking like a great day for me, the weather was great, I finally get a couple of my favorite cookies because they're usually gone by the time I'm there, working on more projects, things were going great. Well, I thought so until it was time for the lady in front of me to ring up her lunch. She turns to the cashier and asks for all the oatmeal rasin cookies. Hold the phone, why on earth would you take away all of those cookies? She leaves before I could say anything, and the cashier gave me a funny look and asked if I was alright. "Yeah," I replied, "but I was gonna get a couple cookies, but I guess that's not happening." "Yeah man, sorry 'bout that." So there you have it. Pygmy is once again, oatmeal cookie-less. Ok, that wasn't that much of an exciting War Rant, but I had to start somewhere.

If you have anything you'd like me to rant/rave about future weeks of the War Rant, please comment below!

Next Week: Stale Peeps!

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  1. My rants are usually saved for something that I have heard about was great and wanted to try and then it turns out to be not as advertised and really sucks. I'm sure you've got a couple of those kind of rants saved up. As for stale Peeps, I kind of like them that way, but rant away.