The Wild Blue Bunder?

It's Friday, and unlike many other Fridays where I'd be glad to say TGIF, I'm wondering what on earth I just did yesterday. Rewind back to Tuesday when I get a call from my recruiter saying he can get me back up to MEPS to finish out processing. Ok, no biggie, been there before, done that, don't have to worry about the poking and prodding parade of doctors anymore, which is good, but still came out feeling sore and wondering why I was there in the first place? 

Oh yeah, that's right, I'm looking for a steady job with great pay and benefits! (Not to mention, so is a LOT of other people and in a couple of days they'll close the doors to any others who want to be processed for a long while, so I just barely snuck by.) So I'm thinking to myself as I go through the process, "Well, I've just signed away the next 8 years of my life to the United States Air Force, hope they'll fly by smoothly with the least amount of turbulence possible." So as I swore in and sealed the deal, I'll just have to keep thinking to myself the next big hurdle to get through is basic training, and then it should be blue skies and smooth sailing in the air for me, right? I thought it was bad when I thought Disney owned me, now I'm officially grade A government cheese with wings!
So now I have to start working out to get ready to ship out for 8 and a half weeks of fun choreographed walking tours, a great exercise flat top facility, and enough camp counselors to come up with tons of fun activities to keep us busy all throughout the hot and humid day. If that sounds like fun, then why not sign up today for a vacation package of a lifetime?

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