When plastic animals attack!

Have you ever been attacked by one of the animals? Are there any piranias in the water? How come there aren't any huge squirrels out there?

I've had some close calls with the ducks, one flew through my boat right in front of me, really creepy. No pirahnas, but there are some fish we jokingly call the baby pirahnas in the back near our break room we feed them little bread crumbs, and watch them all fight for it like pirahnas because we have no lives when we're on break.

I dunno why there aren't any huge squirrels out there, I thought they were in some night time parade playing the piano?

If YOU have any questions you've been wondering about anything, Jungle Cruise, Disney related, Universal, what I had for lunch yesterday, ANYTHING, ask away in the comments section below! Stay tuned for the War Rant this Friday!

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